What is PTO Direct?

PTO Direct is a free service provided by The Intellectual Project, LLC. 

PTO Direct was created by patent and trademark professionals for professionals, companies and individuals who need to search US Patent and Trademark Office Records.  We use PTO Direct for searching on a daily basis and adapt it to best suit us and our clients’ needs.  It’s purpose is to provide an efficient way to search, gather and share relevant patent and trademark record information straight from the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the United States Copyright Office.  Everything on PTO Direct is FREE and no logins or passwords are required by anyone.

Fast, free patent, trademark and copyright searches from a single, easy to remember location: PTODirect.com.

For patents, a free downloadable, printable PDF copy of each patent, a searchable text version, and a link to the prosecution history at the United States Patent Office are included.  You can copy search results lists and save them for future reference, or just save the hyperlink to the search results page to share.  Everything you need to do a patent or trademark analysis and search correctly.


Linking to Patents & Publications

Linking to PDF versions of patents and publications in emails, reports and opinions is now possible using simple formats:




For trademarks, a full trademark record and link to the prosecution history at the United States Trademark Office are included.  Copy and share the direct links for easy reference.


For copyrights, text searching of the United States Copyright Office document records is included.


Direct Link™ Software

A free software tool “Direct Link™” is provided to quickly convert any patent or publication number included in a Microsoft Word or Excel document into a hyperlink connected directly to a PDF version of the document with subsequent links to a searchable text version and prosecution history view of the document. PDF is the most convenient and user friendly view of a patent. Providing a report that includes a direct PDF hyperlink not only significantly increases the professionalism of the report, it generates significantly greater reader satisfaction. Now this ability is available to everyone for FREE.

Intellectual Property is how successful companies protect their innovation and creativity. It is the business currency of the 21st century.  Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, and Licenses are just some of the ways companies can protect their innovation and creativity.  Companies who believe that intellectual property is not relevant to them are simply missing out on a significant source of company value and denying the risk of infringing a competitor’s property. Every company has and generates some intellectual property. By understanding and tracking your own intellectual property and that of your competitors, not only can you build greater company value and wealth, you can avoid potential costly conflicts with your competitors.

For more information on how intellectual property identification and management can help you, please contact an intellectual property professional near you.