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Search all of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and United States Copyright Office database records from PTODirect™.  Simple, intuitive hyperlinks allow you to create interactive documents, opinions and reports that link directly to the patent and trademarks in the reports.  Free DirectLink™ software allows you to quickly add hyperlinks to any patent and/or trademark numbers in a Microsoft Word or Excel document.  Interactive reports that give the reader immediate access to the patent or trademark you are talking about are much more impressive and helpful than just a patent or trademark number they then need to look up.  Download DirectLink™ now!

Full text Patent Office database searches back to 1971 and title and inventor searches back to 1920.  Every patent and patent publication issued by the Patent Office since 1790 can be found in PTODirect™.  Research more deeply with immediate access to all online Patent Office records relating to the patent or publication you are researching.  Perform clearance searches, freedom to operate searches, company asset searches, inventor searches, assignee searches, track the technologies of your competition, and check when maintenance fees are due and if they have been paid.  Find out what other patents reference your patent and do forward and backward searches to identify other relevant patents.  Search PTODirect™ Patents Now!

Full Trademark Office  database searches back to 1870.  Research more deeply with immediate access to all online Trademark Office records.  Quickly search, review and respond to Office Actions, see the current status and Trademark Office negotiations for any U.S. Trademark or pending trademark application, perform trademark clearance searches, company asset searches, and track the new products and services of your competition.  Search PTODirect™ Trademarks Now!

Copyright Office database searches straight from the Copyright Office web site.  Identify authors and find out who owns what copyrights.  Search titles and order copies of copyright registrations by number.  Search PTODirect™ Copyrights Now!

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